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It's an exciting time to be a music student. There are many powerful pieces of technology available to assist students in their study of music with new tools and programs being designed every day. The integration of technology in music education is allowing for new opportunities to learn in ways not possible just a short time ago.

Here are my recommendations for you to explore:

SmartMusic is an award-winning interactive music software that provides the ideal practice environment.

Students improve faster with instant feedback about which notes they’ve gotten right or wrong and by listening to recordings of their performance.

Quizlet is the largest flash cards and study games website with over 3 million free sets of flashcards covering every possible subject.

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How can you use Quizlet?
1. You can access online from any computer at home or school
2. You can study and test yourself with the online quizzes and games
3. You can print out the list of terms in ready-made flash cards
4. You can download flash cards to your smartphone


MusicTheory.netecific key.

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Practice Spot
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