Music Composition

Garage Band - With GarageBand, you can create your own virtual onstage band and play along on your favorite instrument. You can record, edit, and mix a song exactly as you want it, in pristine CD quality. It’s the perfect place to get your act together.
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American Composers Forum - The American Composers Forum is committed to supporting composers and developing new markets for their music.

Band Quest - Informed by the National Standards for Arts Education, BandQuest is designed to provide students with engaging new
music that represents the immense range and richness of musical traditions.

Vermont Midi Project - For ten years, the Vermont MIDI Project has fostered a community of music educators, professional composer mentors, and pre-service educators who encourage and support music composition for students. Addressing composition in the curriculum for classroom music, theory and composition courses, instrumental and vocal ensembles is being achieved through a variety of activities.

MuseScore (Mac, Windows, Linux): No doubt the best, free notation program.

Richard Russell
Michael Whalen
Ronald Caltabiano
C. Alan Publications - Composer directory

Form in Music

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