6th Grade Concert Band

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PRACTICE CARDS: It is expected that students will make time to practice their instrument for a minimum of 60 minutes each week. Students who practice for more than 90 minutes in a week will earn extra credit points toward their grade!
There are 2 parts to the Practice Card:
1. Time Component – students will record the number of minutes of practice each day and the total number of minutes for that week.
2. Reflection Component – students will indicate what they worked on during their practice and some thoughts about their work.
*The Practice Card is not complete without the signature of a parent or guardian to verify the time totals. You may use the prepared Practice Cards from the Band Director or you may design your own. Any slip of paper with the time, reflection and a parent signature is acceptable.
-- Need a PRACTICE CARD?! Download one here: Practice Card.

Practice Audio:
Aurora - LINK
Alpha Squadron - LINK
Shine - LINK
Procession of the Cyborgs - mp3

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